Whatever it was that got you where you are today is not sufficient to keep you there!

We are helping our clients to rethink what customers value most, creating business and operating models, taking advantage of what’s newly possible for competitive differentiation in a sophisticated digital economy. The challenge is how fast and how far to go on the path to digital transformation to succeed.

In an environment of continuous disruption, technological change, regulatory, and market uncertainty, we help our clients to anticipate emerging trends and to stay ahead of new paradigms. 

Welcome! We are honor that you arrive at our site. Here you will have the opportunity to see part of our portfolio of solutions and understand our purpose in business. Therefore, if you want to be part of this journey being part of our community of clients or join our Team of experts, don't hesitate to click the button to book a meeting or send your request. Thank you!

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About us

We are a group of seasoned Executive Consultants with significant global exposure, including professionals from different fields such as Engineering, Business Administration, Digital Specialists, Economy, Physics, Math, Data Scientist, and Software Developers, among other specialists. We have more than 25 years of experience working with Global Companies and Leaders from different sectors,  Government Institutions, Small Medium Companies, furthermore, we are also supporting NGOs and Start-Ups,  helping all of them to evolve and grow, increase their business, gaining efficiency and sustainability. 

We are living a VUCA environment, with customers changing consumption patterns, the impact of new technologies, AI, Machine Learning and Digital Transformation, competitors making aggressive moves, disruptors redefining value propositions and regulators introducing new policies, hence, it is mandatory to evolve, be agile, change inertia, renew ambitions and be strategic, in addition, realize the skills and capabilities your people need to acquire, finally, be rigorous in discipline and execution to achieve extraordinary results. 

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In a sophisticated digital economy, being agile and gain scale is mandatory, hence, we add value working together with our clients, designing strategies that drive business success, generating tangible results and sustainable growth.

An innovative approach to acquiring new skills & capabilities, new expertise, new ways of work, and integrity.

Business Strategy + Digital Transformation + Innovation & Performance Acceleration + Culture & Purpose + Change Management + Client Experience + Leadership & Coaching + Learning + Go to Market + Sales & Marketing + Operational Efficiencies

IGMotion  =  Innovation aiming for Growth in Motion


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What's your purpose?

Our purpose is to create a positive impact in the world helping our clients to succeed, working together, unleashing their full potential generating sustainable growth. We are always passionate to transform Companies, Governments, NGO's and Entrepreneurship endeavors, into agile organizations that anticipate future trends, adapting rapidly to disruption, and gain competitive advantage. We truly believe we will be successful if our clients are successful. Therefore, we work hard to attract, develop, and retain a selected group of talented professionals, to become the clear choice for our clients in a complex and sophisticated digital economy.

Who are IGMOTION Consultants?

Our experts are part of the Team only after we have evaluated their professional experience and education, ensuring that only the most qualified are able to participate in projects. In fact, almost all of our experts have a second degree MBA or Ph.D. degree, and an average of 15+ years of work experience Managing Projects Worldwide.

What type of clients do you work with?

The world’s most influential businesses, governments, and nonprofits turn to us to help them address their most difficult questions and challenges—how and where to expand their businesses, how to respond to changing markets, or how to generate sustainable growth. We work with C-Level Executives, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Governments to build with them a competitive advantage in a sophisticated digital economy.

How do you work with global teams?

Our global collaborations and interactions with each other vary widely, from digital interactions to internal meetings and personal interactions at the client site. The options will depend on the circumstances of each individual project.

Do you have career opportunities?

If you have a passion for knowledge and learning, a desire to help solve real-world problems, and the urge to create your own path, you can apply to join us. You will have the opportunity to establish yourself as a generalist or an expert, a people leader, a client-focused knowledge expert, among other roles. The choices are considerable, and where you go is up to you.